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Automotive Embedded Systems

Automotive is one of the most enhancing sectors in this digital era with huge technological advancements.  It is expected to have 12 billion units of ECU market by 2025. Below are few among many other areas with continuous improvement and also finding paths for the new initiatives in automotive sector.

  • Autonomous driving (ADAS), IoT, Electric Vehicles

  • Improved Performance, Safety, Emission regulations

  • Robust Control Systems Design 

This is giving bigger scope for embedded systems engineers across various platforms.

To meet the industry needs, we are offering training on Embedded systems, which will cover 360 degrees on Automotive Sector.

Place : Guntur

We are providing this course via Online also.**

Course Outline.

  • Overview of Embedded Systems
  • Basics Electronics and Electrical Concepts
  • Digital Electronics & Binary System, Memory Devices
  • Machine, Assembly, HL Languages and Compilers.
  • Embedded C, Python, Makefiles.
  • Compiling, Assembling, Linking, Debugging
  • 8/16/32 bit Microcontroller and programming
  • Protocols, Linux and RTOS.
  • Sensors, Switches, Actuators, Electric Motors.
  • Engine Features and Control System.
  • Real Engine Simulation Lab.
  • Firmware Development and Testing Methods.
  • Requirements to Testplan preparation guidelines
  • Real Test Bench with Sensors, Actuators and ECU/MCU
  • Development Tools -Compiler, Debugger, GIT.
  • Testing Tools - Analyzer, CRO, Virtual Dspace**
  • Real Time Project - Application Development
  • On Demand: Model Based Development - MATLAB and its Toolboxes.
  • On Demand: Wave Theory, GPS, Satellite Comms, Protocols.

We designed this course to meet the industry needs/demands. Completion of this course gives a real time expertise.

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  • Srini :
    22-Jan-2021 (Friday)

    Whats the duration of the course?

  • Admin :
    22-Jan-2021 (Friday)

    Hi Srini, its a 45days course. Please reach us at whatsapp@ 9398451307 for more details.

  • Jeevan :
    22-Jan-2021 (Friday)

    I am a mechanical engineering student. Does it fits for my career?

  • Admin :
    22-Jan-2021 (Friday)

    Hi Jeevan. Mechanical engineers too can takeup this course. This course can be taken by Electronics, Electrical, Computers, IT. Mechanical, Mechtronics and Instrumentation engineers.

  • Srini :
    25-Jan-2021 (Monday)

    Whats the cost?

  • Admin :
    25-Jan-2021 (Monday)

    Please reach us at whatsapp@ 9398451307.